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Meeting No.1

Kick-Off Meeting: Leeds 

Basic Facts

  • Organizers: Leeds City College
  • Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Partner Organisations Present:  Estonia - Ametikool Kuressaare, Estonia - Kethna, Greece - Action Synergy SA, Italy – CERES, Malta – MECB, Romania – Colegiul Technic D Leonida Petrosani, UK- Leeds City College
  • Partner Representatives Present: Jonathan Borg, Carolyn Booth-Jones , Giovanna Antonella D’Achille, Dominikos Diamantis-Balaskas, Kostas Diamantis-Balaskas, Sirje Ellermaa, Lawrence Farrugia, Janet Foy , Barrie Greenwood, Rocco Lancellotti, Mihaela Manolea, Ave Paaskivi , Ila Patel, Silver Püvi,  Gabriela Rodica Rus, Gina Yates.
  • Apologies: Katrin Viru
  • Agenda
The first meeting between the project partners was hosted by Leeds City College who is also the co-ordinator of the project. The meeting enabled the project partners to introduce their respective organization and also outline their motivation and interest in the project.

Throughout the meeting the partners were discussed topics related to the administration of the project. During the meeting the partners attended an information session on how to use web-based collaboration tools such as Google Hangouts and Google Drive. This would enable the project members to collaborate and communicate with each other in the upcoming months.

During the visit at Leeds City College the partners discussed the concept behind the game, the narrative of the story and the type of programming languages to be taught through the game to be developed.

The meeting also served as a platform through which the partners were able to discuss various aspects related to the administration of the project. To this extent we are very excited to announce that the following meetings are to be held in Estonia on the 26-27th March 2015 Malta on the 15-16th July 2015.