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V-Game Partner Meeting No. 3

V-Game Participants Information Page

Where is the meeting location ?

Name of Location: Malta Seminary (in Maltese) - Seminarju tal-Virtu, Rabat

Address: 90, Tal-Virtu’ Road, Rabat, RBT2604, MALTA

Map: indicated as Malta Seminary

Link to Map:

Malta Seminary, Tal-Virtu Street, Rabat, MALTA

Photo 1: Tal-Virtu' Road
Photo 2: Archbishop's Seminary
Photo 3: Entrance to the Archbishop's Seminary

Malta International Airport

How to get to the Malta Seminary ? 

By Bus

Bus Numbers : 201, X3
Start from: Malta International Airport

Your Stop is : Tal-Virtu

By Taxi

From the Arrivals Terminal Hall at the Malta International Airport or if you want pre-book by:

What is the weather like in Malta ?

Places of Interest in Malta