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Meeting No.2

2nd V-Game Meeting in Kuressaare, Estonia

Basic Facts

  • Organizers: Kuressaare, Ametikool
  • Location: Kuressaare, Estonia
  • Partner Organisations Present:  Estonia - Ametikool Kuressaare, Estonia - Kethna, Greece - Action Synergy SA, Italy – CERES, Malta – MECB, Romania – Colegiul Technic D Leonida Petrosani, UK- Leeds City College
  • Partner Representatives Present: Ave Paaskivi, Giovanna Antonella D’Achille, Kostas Diamantis-Balaskas, Sirje Ellermaa, Lawrence Farrugia, Janet Foy, Rocco Lancellotti, Mihaela Manolea, Ave Paaskivi , Ila Patel, Silver Püvi,  Gabriela Rodica Rus, Gina Yates.
  • Agenda
The 2nd meeting between project partners will be hosted by Kuressaare Ametikool in Estonia. The meeting will enable to project partners to present the work which has been carried out and discuss further work which will be carried out in the next months. During this meeting, a working version of the game being developed will be showcased. This will enable the project partners to provide feedback and outline potential improvements in the game development.